I don’t want to leave this “Untitled” but as of right now I don’t have a name for it. This was a piece I did last year based on the idea of man made objects are taking over nature but nature will always find a way in the end. I posted this piece but this is a much better photo with more detail shots of it. 

Mixed Media on Japanese rice paper

Studies I did for class. These were actually the ones that seemed mores complete and could stand alone.

I did these on Illustration sheets with illustration pens, prism color and india ink


        People go through life with numerous relationships and emotions. The human race is filled with reactions with each other, with their environment and with themselves among anything else. Relationships that are intimate, short lived or negative affects our emotions. We can express emotions of angry, sadness, love and happiness in every single encounter we make in life. This work is specifically targeting the emotions that humans have with their surroundings both negative and positive. Using color, clear, crisp lines, romantic and mechanical figures and design, I will create imagery of emotions and relationships with the influence of a future singularity influenced world and the consequences and the advantages of this theoretical world. Patterns, collage work will be used with color inks of all different forms (india ink to ball point), and gouache to create intense and eye capturing work.


Went in photoshop and edited some. Cleaned it up.
Done with Watercolor pencil and ink on watercolor paper

Done with Micron on vellum. 
Bored with Photobooth in class. Have about 15 mins left or so and thought I’d post something I feel good about :) Its still has some work to do but more to come

Exercise 2/3 in advance drawing 408 

I’ve been working on new stuff… Finally. Hope you like!

Final done with Micron pen, Prisma Color on recycled paper ( I think its mulberry too though I’m not sure


Done with micron pen. 
This is a much better photograph of it. More to come working on stuff slowly but surely!

Done with ball point pen, and microns

My final advance drawing class. This was a lot of intense hours of drawing! VERY intense, long drawing sessions. I wanted to start sorting out my thoughts on paper of human and A.I. combining together in abstract, collage like style. I was told in class this is the strongest piece of the semester that I did and was demanded for a senior gallery at EMU. 

Done with Marker, Ballpoint pen, Micron on Japanese Bamboo paper and awagami paper